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Morena Face Lotion

Morena Face Lotion

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100% Organic, homemade, eco friendly lotion, gentle with all skin types, best for All skin types with hyaluronic acid

Ingredients: Aqua/Water , Glycerin, sodium lactate, Shea butter, Avocado oil, Emulsifying wax, Vit A and E, hyaluronic acid, organic essence.

Benefits: Morena is a water-based product specifically made for oily to mix skin, but gentle with all skin types, moisturize and hydrates the skin deeply with an easy and light absorption, enriched with hyaluronic acid to help the skin look younger increasing its elasticity getting rid of wrinkles over time. It’s extremely beneficial for the skin as its ingredients lock water molecules to keep your skin hydrated for longer periods of time, if used daily it can improve the appearance of stretch marks and wrinkles.

Notice: Keep at room temperature, this product can last up to 12 months in good conditions. Keep out of reach of children. This product is not eatable, keep away from eyes and mouth, its gently with skin but in case of redness, rash, or any other reaction, remove with water and avoid contact.


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